I Need a New Purse Like a Hole in The Head

I don’t feel like writing today
I laze in bed thinking 
I want to go shopping 
I need to go shopping
For a new purse.

Christmas before Covid19 
I was gifted a card to Nordstrom.
Buy what you like, he said.
But I waited too long. 
We sheltered in place.
Now more than a year has ticked by. 
I don’t want to shop online. Not today.
I want to bring a Chanel to my nose and sniff the leather. 
I want to run my fingers across the skin soft as butter.
See the new styles for Coach or Fendi or Dooney & Burke.

Sure, I've gotten by with my dirty little Bohemian Sak,
Stained now with coffee, full of loose change,
An old tube of Mac lipstick, an old French fry,
My grandson’s plastic toy from McDonald’s  -- last year.
And not that I’ve been anywhere fancy enough for
A Gucci, a Kate Spade or a Luis Vutton
But it’s March. I’ve had my two shots of Pfizer
And things are opening up and I must be ready
For the Spring fashion show or a runway 
Off to someplace where I’d need a Burberry.

I get up, pour myself a cup of coffee and 
Here I am at my computer so near 
The finish line of a first draft – after a year, 
I can almost see those rejections lining up 
Like grounded airplanes on the tarmac
Like last year’s purses piled onto a clearance bin.
Ah! Procrastination and sweat pants 
Would look so much more stylish 
Carrying a new Salvatore Ferragamo.

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