Isabela's Island


Isabela’s Island is a story of friendship, love, mystery, adventure, and humor. Five quirky women married with children first meet in the Houston suburbs and become fast friends after sharing in common such things as loneliness and their love of tennis. Off on their eagerly-anticipated, yearly girls’ trip-this time to the Grand Caymans-they are temporarily free from husbands, kids, and PTA meetings. The sun, the sand, and ultimately, Enrique “Ricky” De La Joya, a beautiful green-eyed Cuban tennis player who defected from Cuba by walking away from a Davis Cup match in Mexico, serve to make this romantic weekend one that will change their lives forever. Now connected to a murder, the camaraderie that was formed out of loneliness, needless to say, the women’s circle of friendship changes dramatically. “This ain’t no YaYa Sisterhood,” Isabela surmises. With the help of the De La Joya family and their connections in Las Vegas, Declan O’Connor and Isabela Mason set out to tidy up the mess, but can their lives ever be neat?


“Let this adventure of a girls’ week out take you to the Caribbean for adventure and intrigue. Through encounters with the local characters the girls stumble into unexpected trouble with the seedy underbelly of the island which involves drug running, gambling and even murder. They eventually worm their way out of trouble with the aid of an experienced, albeit unwilling police detective who is on the island for vacation. This is a fun read which is both literary and quirky. I recommend a lazy weekend in a comfy beach chair with sand in your toes, and a cool rum drink.”

-Review “Surf Dog”,

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