Quitter Athletes

All this news about the athletes quitting and I’m thinking “seriously, quitters?” What’s going on? And then a memory is triggered.  I’m back at Troy High School on the gymnastic team. At seventeen, a perfectionist, almost 5’8”, 125 pounds [oh to be at least 135 pounds (and thinking this way remains a problem)], I amContinue reading “Quitter Athletes”


What a way to start out 2021, especially on the eve of transition! Ecstatic and honored to have “A Good Tabernero Listens” (an excerpt from my forthcoming novel “Agave Blues” Touchpoint Press) featured along with other wonderful writers in this month’s issue of SHARK REEF, A Literary Magazine. Please check us all out. Thank youContinue reading “A GOOD TABERNERO LISTENS”


Good Friday, always cloudy as Jesus hangs dying on the cross. I wonder now if tomorrow never came, would he still rise on Sunday? Would there be a second coming if the human species disappeared behind the clouds (except for the survival of the fittest, the survival of the richest)? But if the species wereContinue reading “GOOD FRIDAY iCLOUDS”


Dear (I’ll not give you power by speaking your name), My life is in ruins and you are to blame. You’re the excuse I give for not accomplishing my goals,  the reason my book bombed before it soared.  And it’s because of you, I’m so freakin’ bored. You’re the reason for my miscarriages,  my financialContinue reading “FATTENING THE CURVES or DEAR YOU WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED”

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!

Growing up in the 60’s, every time I heard a plane fly over, I cowered. Had the Russians finally crossed into our skies? My paranoia soared. Was this the first time I’d heard some fake news. “The Russians are Coming! ” is a phrase from 1949 attributed to United States Secretary of Defense James Forrestal who added,Continue reading “The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!”

Did My Poem Influence Costner’s Career?

He just kept staring at me like I was some sort of star – like I was Madonna, like he was a bigger fan than my mother.


        I used to look for signs, beg for signs. I talked to the moon, the stars, the setting sun. I looked for green flashes on the horizon. I listened to cooing doves, watched lingering hummingbirds, marveled at dancing dolphins. Looked for all of life’s metaphors. When I hear that during surgeryContinue reading “ANGELS GATE”